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Prior Learning Assessment Prior Learning Assessment is a Course

Prior Learning Assessment

Time limit: 30 days

$450 Enroll

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Prior Learning Assessment, PLA, is a process by which learning mastered outside of a formal classroom is reviewed for college-level equivalency. Credit for PLA may be granted for learning acquired from work and life experiences; civic, community, or volunteer work; individual study; and in-service training sponsored by associations, business, government, and industry, including the military. PLA is a rigorous process in which a student must demonstrate that he or she has college-level learning, which entails knowledge, skills, and competencies obtained as a result of prior experiences in a particular area. PLA is awarded based on learning, not experience. PLA provides students the opportunity to validate their relevant learning. 

PLA creates a pathway for non-traditional students to accelerate their academic progress toward earning an Elizabethtown College degree. Credit for PLA will only be awarded when: 

  • A student is an actively enrolled, degree-seeking student at Elizabethtown College and has completed a minimum of 6 Elizabethtown College credits prior to applying for PLA. 
  • Students interested in pursuing PLA credit should check with their academic advisor to ensure that they do not enroll into a course for which they may later be seeking to earn PLA equivalent credit.
  • Students must be in good academic standing with Elizabethtown College.
  • Students must be in good financial standing with Elizabethtown College.
  • A student has not previously attempted, completed, or transferred in the equivalent course for which PLA credit is being sought.
  • The PLA credit must apply to the student’s major or program of study.
  • To obtain PLA credit for the types of learning listed above, the student must have completed the one credit course, PL 1500 Experiential Learning Portfolio, which will prepare the applicant to submit a Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) Application and Portfolio. The portfolio must demonstrate college-level competencies and writing skills and include a narrative explaining how their specific experience aligns with the student learning outcomes of a course(s) in the Elizabethtown Catalog.  Each statement must be accompanied by tangible evidence and support documentation. 

A maximum of 32 credits may be earned through PLA and Transfer Credit through Examination policies.  This is equal to 48 CEUs offered on the Edge Platform.

There is a $450 fee charged for the assessment of a PLA portfolio due, regardless of the outcome. 

PLA credits do not count toward residency or the students’ academic grade point average.  Students are responsible for understanding the impact of PLA credits transcribed by Elizabethtown College and future plans for transfer, and or additional degrees.