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PM Skills and reg; Toolkit: Resource Negotiation Tools

PM Skills and reg; Toolkit: Resource Negotiation Tools

Time limit: 90 days

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As project leaders, negotiation permeates our lives—it is what we do to resolve issues and secure resources. Often, due to the scarcity of resources, the parties in a negotiation will adopt one or more approaches to get what they need; in fact, the negotiating parties may blend different strategies to get the best outcome, either for themselves or (hopefully) for both sides in the transaction.

Your ability to successfully identify these strategies as you negotiate for resources (and come to an agreement that will be most beneficial) is essential for your success as a project leader. For the duration of your project, you may have to negotiate with stakeholders both inside and outside of your organization, and the choices you make as you interact with these people and groups may be the difference between a successful venture and an unmitigated disaster.


Learning Outcomes:

Define various negotiation strategies, including principled, distributive, integrative, and mixed motive negotiation styles

Describe how competing, avoiding, compromising, collaborating, and accommodating strategies can be used to secure resources

Distinguish between interests and positions and discuss how these are used in resource negotiation

Create and use a variety of negotiation tools

Given a situation, effectively negotiate with team members, stakeholders, or other project leaders

Understand and integrate power concepts into the various negotiation strategies

Prepare and conduct contract negotiations

Identify and mitigate common negotiation mistakes and problematic behaviors




Power Skills PDUs: 2.0

Business Acumen PDUs: 0.5

Ways of Working PDUs: 0.5

IACET CEUs: 0.3 (Contact Hours: 3 hours)

HRCI Credits: 3 (Type: General)



Estimated time to complete: 3 hours