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 HR Skills and trade;: Effective Meetings HR Skills and trade;: Effective Meetings is a Course

HR Skills and trade;: Effective Meetings

Time limit: 90 days

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Full course description

Meetings are an important tool for communicating in the workplace. When managed effectively, they provide opportunities for building relationships, solving problems, sharing ideas, making plans, and discussing progress.

In this course, you will learn about some common types of meetings, along with best practices for scheduling, planning, and leading them. We will describe how to create an agenda, take minutes, and use different types of materials. You will also learn how to address some of the common challenges associated with meetings. Finally, we will provide some tips for hosting virtual meetings and describe some key elements of policies related to meetings in the workplace.


Learning Outcomes:

Define different types of group and one-on-one meetings

List best practices for scheduling meetings, developing the agenda, and taking minutes

Explain how to structure and lead effective meetings

List the pros and cons of different types of meeting materials

Describe how to address some common challenges associated with meetings

Explain how leaders should follow up after the meeting

Describe how to lead effective virtual meetings

Understand how policies and ground rules can be used to outline expectations for meetings



IACET CEUs: 0.2 (Contact Hours: 2 hours)




Estimated time to complete: 2 hours