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 Frontline Manager and trade;: Better Communication Frontline Manager and trade;: Better Communication is a Course

Frontline Manager and trade;: Better Communication

Time limit: 90 days

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Full course description

Almost everything that happens in the workplace requires some form of communication. Frontline managers have to communicate with the workers they supervise, with their colleagues in management, and with their bosses in the executive suite. Being able to communicate clearly and effectively is a vital skill for any frontline manager. This course provides a brief introduction to communication theory, but the main emphasis is on practical approaches to communicating in the workplace. Topics include verbal and nonverbal communication; how to develop a clear message; how to tailor your message to suit your purpose; how to communicate down, to the workers who report directly to you; and how to communicate up, to your bosses in senior management.


Learning Outcomes:

Define "communication," and explain why effective communication is important in the workplace

Distinguish between push communications and pull communications, and explain the different elements of a communications model

List the major characteristics of effective communication and describe how to use them

Formulate a clear primary message and develop appropriate secondary messages to support it

Distinguish between "communicating up" and "communicating down," and demonstrate your ability to do each effectively

Practice active listening

Run a meeting effectively


Identify and eliminate jargon from your work communications



IACET CEUs: 0.2 (Contact Hours: 2 hours)

HRCI Credits: 2 (Type: General)




Estimated time to complete: 2 hours