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8 people in a huddle with their hands in the middle Discover Your Strengths & Build Strong Teams is a Course

Discover Your Strengths & Build Strong Teams

Time limit: 90 days

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Discover Your Strengths & Build Strong Teams

Everyone has natural talent – we just need to discover and apply that natural talent in our lives. Knowing your strengths allows you to be successful personally, professionally, and with others. This 3-hour course utilizes the CliftonStrengths® assessment to discover your top 5 strengths and to elevate that knowledge to give you the skills to build strong teams, even if you’re not the manager. Through engaging activities and personal reflection, you’ll learn more about yourself, your partnerships, and how the four domains of strengths can be leveraged to build strong teams.

Learning Outcomes

  • Discover your top 5 strengths using the CliftonStrengths® assessment
  • Understand how your strengths influence your success and goal setting
  • Uncover the value of complementary partnerships in your life
  • Explore the four domains of strengths and apply that to build strong teams


Stacey Zimmerman is a Gallup-certified Strengths Coach who believes that we should focus on what is right with ourselves and each other; focusing on our strengths gives us our greatest opportunity for growth and success. She works to help individuals discover their strengths, build strong teams, and live authentic lives that honor who they are. Utilizing the CliftonStrengths® assessment as a tool for self-awareness and development, she encourages individuals to learn more about themselves, affirm their values, and live out what matters to them. The more individuals who understand the philosophy of strengths – that we should focus on what is right with each other – the more engaged and thriving individuals we’ll have in our lives. It is Stacey’s mission to spread this strengths philosophy to others. Stacey’s top five CliftonStrengths® are achiever, responsibility, discipline, relator, and belief.