AIGA Design Foundations

AIGA Design Foundations

Time limit: 90 days

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Successful organizations know the value of design. Because thoughtful design is a driver of organizational success, designers are often required to wear many hats—innovator, leader, and problem-solver, just to name a few. This course provides design professionals with an overview of key design principles and practices, providing a shared language for describing the creative and complex role that designers play within their organizations. The course also explores methods for fostering innovation, solving complex problems with design, and communicating the value of design with data. Through interactive games and exercises, learners will engage with key concepts and apply their learning to real-world scenarios and case studies. The course is designed for early-career and seasoned professionals alike, offering engaging instructional content for designers at all levels who want to sharpen their understanding of design principles, tools, and best practices.


Learning Outcomes:

Define key concepts relevant to effective design practices

Name areas of specialization and potential career paths for designers

Describe the application of design in different contexts

Describe basic UX principles and how to apply them

Define prototyping and recognize prototyping strategies

Differentiate between qualitative and quantitative research methods

Explain the role of data in design and define key terms related to data analytics

Examine methods for promoting creativity and innovation in teams and organizations

List and describe the stages of design thinking

Recognize key project management principles and how to apply them to design projects



IACET CEUs: 1.2 (Contact Hours: 12 hours)


Estimated time to complete: 12 hours